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Music, Art, & Gaming

Did you know?

The founder of this website is also a multi-instrumentalist musician, artist, & Twitch streamer with the stage name, "Bree Melody".  Bree's main instruments include guitar, piano, and ukulele! Over the last 10 years, she has performed at various music venues all over Southern California & plans to start performing live again soon. For now, you can find her live streaming on Twitch - check out her social media for her schedule.

Bree enjoys painting & digital art, and she plans to begin selling commissions soon. An art page will be added to the shop once everything is ready! On Twitch, Bree also plays video games such as Stardew Valley and other indie games, follow her and hang out during the next live stream!

See Below for more information and links to all her social media accounts!

Bree's Twitch channel features live recordings of her practicing guitar/singing requested songs and songs of her own choosing! Follow/subscribe to be the first to know when she's LIVE!



This Website features raw audio recordings that have not been mixed or mastered yet. Mostly practice audio for her to listen to later and remember how she likes to cover certain songs. Follow for sneak peaks to new music!

Sunset Melody

Her Youtube channel is full of recordings of Live Performances and at-home raw covers. Click the link above to check out her videos!

Bree Melody Official Merch:

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