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This 2-piece bikini is designed for the fashionable Breezy customers in mind. It is stylish with a personalized touch. Because of an advance heat sublimation technique, it will not fade in water. Available in mulitple different strap colors! 


    Sizing Chart:

    US Size246810121416
    Euro Size3234363840424446
    Bust Width (half), in16.3017.0917.8718.7819.4520.2421.0221.81
    Cup Height, in6.386.697.017.287.527.838.078.39
    Hip Width (front), in8.079.069.4510.0410.6311.2211.8112.40
    Hip Width (back), in11.0212.2012.6012.8013.3913.9814.5715.16
    Bottom Height (front), in7.487.878.869.069.459.8410.2410.63
    Bottom Height (back), in8.668.869.259.8410.4311.0211.4212.20


    Leafy Bikini

    • If you have any questions about sizing, shipping, or anything else – please feel free to contact the founder of Breezy directly!

      • Email:
      • Instagram: @shop_breezylife
      • TikTok: @breezylifeshop
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